Here is another article that observes the shift that is taking place in the Real Estate Industry to use quality photography to list Homes for Sale & identifies how critical great photography is in the home selling process.

Quality photos make all the difference in marketing your home

The Q&A discussion between Mary Umburger of the Chicago Tribune and Brian Balduf of VHT Inc. brought out two key points in my mind:

Firstly, the seismic shift that has taken place where

“Agents, in the past, just marketed homes to other agents (by generally only placing photos on their multiple listing service). They weren’t marketing to consumers.”

Many Agents today seem to still just be presenting their listings with other agents in mind — you see this in the poor photography, but also in the use of “marketing fliers” that are no more than MLS database print-outs, full of information that has next-to-no relevance for a home buyers at the initial stages of finding a home to buy. Check-out the key elements to great Real Estate Photos + an example of a Custom Listing Flier orientated to a Home Buyer]

Secondly, the expectations consumers now have for the quality of photography they see every day on their incredible devices like iPads and 27″ high-resolution screens. Balduf says:

“consumers aren’t used to seeing bad (marketing) photos. Every other product, even if it’s a $2 bucket at Wal-Mart, is going to have a good photograph.”

Why then would a home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars be marketed with ordinary photography?

Slowly, more Agents in the Michiana area are coming to understand the role professional photography makes in the home selling process, but the majority of Agents still don’t understand this or are unwilling to invest in great marketing for their listings. Gradually, more and more Home Owners will start selecting a Listing Agent using Professional Listing Presentation as a key reason for their selection. As this happens and sloppy old-school agents start missing-out on listings, Professional Real Estate Photography will become the norm in the local market.