I deliver my Real Estate Photography files to my clients via two means:

  1. Tourbuzz’s Download Center (for client’s who I provide a Virtual Tour Website to present their Listings online)
  2. Dropbox (for client’s who just want the photo files)

I chose Dropbox as a delivery tool years ago because it was, and has continued to become, a mainstream way of sharing files of all types across the internet, and so many people already use it. Plus, it’s FREE!

Using Dropbox the Easy Way

There are a couple of ways to use Dropbox, here is my recommendation based on the fact that i will deliver 20+ files for each listing (a bulk amount). Dropbox has developed a tiny piece of software to install onto your computer. The software primarily adds a “Dropbox” Folder to your Folder Structure on your Computer (Microsoft Windows File Explorer or, Finder for Mac OS), allowing your cloud-based Dropbox Folder Storage to be used like any other folder on your Computer.

After installing the Software, your Dropbox folder will function as any other folder does in your Computer's File Structure. Mac OS example shown.

After installing the Software, your Dropbox folder will function as any other folder does in your Computer’s File Structure.


In regards to working with South Bend Realty Photo, here are a few advantages of installing the Dropbox software onto your computer:

  • when uploading photos to the MLS, you can simply upload from the Dropbox folder directly, no need to download the images one-by-one from the Dropbox website, as they are already on your computer
  • you can select all the images and move them to your own folder (on your hard drive or cloud drive) that contains all your other documents for the listing (use drag-and drop, copy & paste, cut & paste). I recommend doing this so you always have a copy of your listing photos, as I only keep photos in my Dropbox for about 6 months before deleting them.

Steps to Setting-Up Dropbox

  1. If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, use your email and create a password to get a FREE 2GB Dropbox account here:  https://db.tt/ijuSrcIn  (note: by using this link, we will both get more FREE space from Dropbox)
  2. Use the email address that you would use with your Clients. If you use a different email address, then when I send you Dropbox Folders or your Clients do, you may not be able to access them. You can change the email address in your dropbox account.
  3. Install the Dropbox Software onto your Computer. Start here:  dropbox.com/install

Steps to Using Dropbox the Easy Way

  1. When your Listing Photos are ready, I will send you a Dropbox Folder Invitation email via the Dropbox website
  2. When you receive that email, click the “Go to folder” button within the email
  3. You will be taken to the Dropbox website, where you can access the Photo files the hard way… BUT, the first thing you’ll see is a pop-up with a button “Add to Dropbox“. Click that button!
  4. Go to your File Manager (Windows Explorer or Finder) on your Computer and within the Dropbox folder, you will find another folder that will be labelled with the listing address of the job  i have just delivered to you (eg: “123 Main Street”). Within that folder, you will find all the photo files for your new listing.
  5. Upload the photos directly from the Dropbox folder to the MLS, by navigating to the Dropbox folder
  6. Select-All the images within the Dropbox listing folder, then Copy & Paste, Drag & Drop, Cut & paste all the images to your own Folder with all the other documents you have related to your listing


Dropbox is a great way to share large numbers of files (or large files) across the web. You will find many of your clients are already using Dropbox, so you many be able to use Dropbox as a tool in your business for much more that just receiving Real Estate Photos from me. And yes, there is a Dropbox App for Mobile Devices too!

If you have any questions, just let me know…

574.383.9388  |  Andrew@SouthBendRealtyPhoto.com

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