Papilios Real Estate Photography in the New Orleans area has done some great work analyzing the influence that their photography has had on their local real estate market. Have a look at the graph below (click through for a bigger image), the data compares the number of click through’s to the listings that are photographed professionally by Papilios and compares the click-throughs to other homes in the same zip code that are similar.


# of clicks vs. MLS Area Average June 2010 –

Papilios claim that their

“images generate (online clicks) a stunning 134% increase over the local Zip area and a 145% increase in the same MLS area – these are the average increase.”

But, how does an increase in listings clicks on the internet help get homes sold? The answer lies in what I describe as the ripple-on effect… the better the listing thumbnail >>> the more click-throughs to the listing >>> the better the photography, the more time buyers spend engaging with the listing >>> more requests for showings >>> more people who physically see the home >>> more offers in a quicker time period = Great Photos Help Get Homes SOLD!

The gap in the statistical evidence is that more interest in the listing results in sales. But, Real Estate Agents, isn’t it your experience… that the more showings a listing has to potential buyers, the more likely that the home gets sold more quickly?

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