Home Sellers find Listing Agents any number of ways… they use the Agent who helped them buy the House… a referral from a friend… an Agent who sold a home in the neighborhood recently… an Agent who they met through the Country Club or at Church… etc…

But, how does a Home Seller find a good Listing Agent? And what should home sellers be looking for in a Listing Agent?

Well, if you are one of the growing number of people in America who believe that Quality Photography and Online Presentation are very important to selling a home these days, the following video by Charlie Dresen (a Realtor & Professional Photographer / Videographer in Steamboat Springs, CO — see SteamboatsMyHome.com) will be very helpful to you… watch how Charlie goes shopping online for a Listing Agent…

If you live in the greater South Bend area, you should be pleased to hear that a growing number of Agents are using Professional Real Estate Photography to bring their Listings to the Market — this is a great step-forward for Home Buyers & Sellers in our area!

However, if you follow Charlie’s techniques of finding an Agent on the Video, you may get frustrated… Charlie purposely chose the Seattle MLS as an example, because it is one of the most saturated markets for using Professional Real Estate Photography in the World. South Bend is a long way from Seattle, so you will see many more listings with poor to average photography, than you will see Listings with Professional Real Estate Photography.

Having said that, I encourage Home Sellers to follow Charlie’s techniques and see what they find. If you don’t find Professional Photography being used in your homes’ price bracket, increase the search price and see if that improves the results.

If you still don’t find quality Real Estate Photography & great Online Presentation in your search, then I welcome you to Contact Me and I can give you a few names of Listing Agents, for you to interview, who are presenting their Listings to the Market in a really Professional Way.*

[*An obvious disclosure needs to be pointed out here… it is likely that I will give you a name of one of my clients, who may then employ me to Professionally Photograph & Floorplan your home if you choose them as a Listing Agent]