In a previous post, I highlighted the findings of a Redfin study, that found that the use of professional photography had a big impact on how many views a listing gets online, as well as netting the sellers (and their Listing Agents!) a higher sale price. (Wilmington, NC) has created an infographic of those results — a great way to communicate the findings visually:



My sense is that more-and-more Homeowners understand the value of Professional Real Estate Photography, bringing a Listing to market looking its absolute best. Home Sellers are gaining this awareness as Home Buyers, seeing how bad listings can look with poor photography and as a result taking no interest in those listings as they consider their next home to buy. Compare that poor experience with the positive experience great photography has when they see a listing online, the home buyer wants to add that listing to their shortlist to request a showing from their Buying Agent. Homeowners are also becoming aware of the importance of Professional Real Estate Photography through the growing number of newspaper articles & TV spots they read and see on the subject. For a homeowner, Making a Small Investment in Professional Photography to sell their Biggest Investment, makes total sense! This recent Success Story of a ~$200k home in Granger proves exactly that!

For Real Estate Listing Agents out there, what does this mean for you? You will start loosing potential listings if you don’t present your listings to the market as professionally as possible, and you mill miss-out on the ROI that using Professional Real Estate Photography will deliver your business, both for your listings directly and for your image as a Real Estate Professional.