If writing checks, labelling envelopes, paying for postage and reconciling your check-book is an on-going burden in your life, stop doing it!

There is a better way to pay your real estate photographer in 2017 😉

If you use online banking, most banks and credit unions provide a couple of ways to send payments via internet banking, and chances are they are FREE to use. Using Wells Fargo Bank as an example, here are 2 different ways to send payments online:

1. Bill Pay

While Bill Pay is primarily used to pay utility bills electronically, you can add a Payee (for example South Bend Realty Photo, Inc) and Wells Fargo will generate and mail a check on your behalf for FREE! You simply set the payee up once (see the screen-shot below with specifics), then when your monthly invoice arrives from South Bend Realty Photo. Inc, simply login to internet banking, enter the invoice amount in Bill Pay, and approve the Bill Pay payment. Your bank takes care of the rest…

NOTE #1 — With Wells Fargo (and I assume other financial institutions too), the bank will take the $ out of your account as soon as your authorize the bill payment. If the check is not cashed within 90 days, the money will be deposited back into your account. This helps managing your check account, because you don’t have to worry about when the $ will be withdrawn.

NOTE #2 — the process of printing & mailing the check takes 5-7 business days, so its best to order the payments ASAP on receiving your monthly invoice. You can also choose the date when the payment will be generated.


2. SurePay (or, transfer $ to another Bank Account directly)

A system is now in place among US Financial Institutions where you can transfer money to another US bank account using an email address or cell phone number (see example screen shot below, learn more). The first time you transfer to a recipient, they have to accept the transfer, the next time, it automatically gets deposited into the recipients’ account, and they receive an email notification. The transfer is quick — usually 1 or 2 business days.


Both of these payment methods qualify you for my Realtor Incentive Program, where a loyalty credit of 3% will be credited to your account to be used towards future work, once your invoice is paid in full, paid on-time, and not paid using PayPal.

So change the way you do things in 2017, starting with paying your friendly real estate photographer the easy way…

If you have any questions about paying me online, let me know…

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