virtual-tour-real-estate-listing-websites-south-bend-indiana2Over the next week or so, I am rolling-out several changes that will i hope enhance the way my Clients present themselves and their Listings through the Virtual Tour Websites I provide + provide a more systematic Help Guide to help my Clients get the most out of their Virtual Tour Websites. Keep an eye on my new News feed to see 3 announcement posts, the first of which concerns:

NEW Virtual Tour Website Links

I have acquired a “short URL” to host all of the Virtual Tour Websites… introducing:

Before, your branded Tours were available at a looong URL like this one:

Now, your Tour links will look like this:

Key Features for my Clients include:

  • a much shorter Tour Link, 16 characters long instead of 37!
  • the URL is generic… it does not include my “South Bend Realty Photo” branding
  • yet, the URL is also specific, and self-explaining… a buyer can see that they can Tour the Home at “”

I hope you will see the benefit of having your Tours hosted at this new URL: removing my branding and shortening the link makes sharing Virtual Tour Websites easy in emails, social media, print marketing pieces, or even on a sign-rider.

Existing Tour Links

Any existing links that you have used in the MLS database or in Marketing materials or emails will still work — these include the links in the form of:


New Tourbuzz Client Panel Login:

The Login for your backend Client Panel however has changed to:

Your Username & Password will remain the same. If you have forgotten what your login credentials are, used the recovery tool to receive your Username & Password.

To learn more about the Virtual Tour Websites that I can provide you to present your Listings and Yourself as an Agent as Professionally as possible online, see my Virtual Tour Website Service Page.

If you have any questions, just let me know…

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