My experience is that when a homeowner receives my Preparation Checklist as early as possible in the listing process, a home will be in much better shape for me to photograph when I arrive on site.

If a Homeowner has prepared using the Checklist, often all I have to do is make minor tweaks when I arrive at the home — the benefits of which are enormous for all parties:

  • less last-minute stress for the homeowner and agent in-attendance;
  • a faster shoot which is beneficial for all;
  • and better photos to list the home for sale.
  • Plus, the Homeowner will understand how the home should be prepared for Showings, making a better impression for potential buyers

Most homeowners understand that having your home professionally photographed, requires some preparation, but just like you see on reality real estate TV shows (or shall we say “realty TV?”), often it takes a trained-eye or someone unfamiliar with the home to spot what needs to be done — de-cluttering and removing distracting items for example. This is where the Preparation Checklist helps guide the Homeowner to getting their home ready for the photo shoot.

Agents love the Checklist too! A local South Bend agent, told me that my Home Photo Shoot Preparation Checklist allowed him to:

“tell his Home Owner everything he wanted to say about preparing the home for sale, without having to say it himself

So, please Save or Download the Preparation Checklist and incorporate it into your process with your listing clients — perhaps emailing it to your home sellers or printing a copy and including it in your Listing Kit.

The checklist is dynamic — if there is anything else that should be added or changed, please let me know and I will consider that feedback for when I next update the document.

Home Photo Shoot Preparation Checklist

[Updated October 2017]

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Client Branded Preparation Checklist

Provide your clients with a Preparation Checklist featuring your own branding (instead of mine). Request your branded Checklist today!

Client Branded Preparation Checklist
Client Branded Preparation Checklist
Client Branded Preparation Checklist