Floor Plans allow Buyers to “see themselves” in a home

Providing a Floor Plan, as an element of a home’s marketing material, will give potential home buyers an impressive, memorable and helpful way to better understand the layout of a property. Research* shows that 53% of people are more likely to spend time looking at a listing if a Floor Plan is provided.

Agents can incorporate a Floor Plan into a property’s promotion by:

  • making printed Floor Plans available for buyers to take-away, and take notes on, at open houses and showings
  • printing a Floor Plan on the backside of a listing flyer available in a brochure box
  • include Floor Plan image(s) among the property’s MLS listing photos
  • incorporating the Floor Plan image of each floor of a home in an Virtual Tour Website
  • building a Floor Plan into the design of a postcard, flyer or brochure produced to market the home

Benefits of using Floor Plans for listing agents:

  • impress your sellers and potential clients with a stand-out marketing piece
  • attract the right kind of buyers to schedule a showing — the buyer will know the property layout will be suitable
  • give buyers confidence and prevent unnecessary follow-up inspections by providing basic room measurements
  • as some MLS’s start requiring Agents to include basic room measurements, Agents can glean this information from the Floor Plan provided, saving the Agent from doing the measuring themselves

Floor Plan Legal Disclaimer:

A Floor Plan by South Bend Realty Photo is intended as a marketing aid, not to be an architecturally accurate depiction of the home. To state the purpose of the Floor Plan plainly, a legal disclaimer will be included.


Buyers who spend more time looking at a Listing if a Floor Plan is provided*

*Source: Funda Property Portal Consumer Research (reported by Property Ad Guru)

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Black & White OR Illustrated Floor Plans?

Black & White Floor Plans are intended for Selling Real Estate, showing the flow of the home to a potential buyer, but allowing a buyer to “see themselves” in the home, without the current owners furniture set-up shaping their take on how to make that house their home. Usually the only “furniture” placed on the Floor Plan are fixed items like Bathroom & Kitchen layouts + other fixed items, like door & windows types.

Illustrated Color Floor Plans were developed for the Vacation & Football Rental Market, where specific details need to be communicated to a potential renter. For example: the bedroom configurations, with beds labelled ‘Queen” or “Twin Bunks” etc.

That said, South Bend Realty Photo likes to work with each client to offer services tailored to the clients’ needs. So, as  Real Estate Agent, if you feel it would be valuable to incorporate elements of an Illustrated Floor Plan, like the Flooring Surfaces & Colors into your Floor Plans, we can do that.

Example | Black & White Floor Plan

Black & White Floor Plan example, featuring fixed amenities like Bathroom & Kitchen layouts

Example | Illustrated Floor Plan

Illustrated Floor Plan example, featuring all of the Features of Black & White Floor Plans + Surface Types & Colors, and Furniture Placements