Great Photos Help You Get Homes SOLD!

South Bend Realty Photo aims to capture a property so that the home looks its absolute best in a collection of photographs, engaging potential buyers and prompting interested buyers to look into a listing further. To do this, the following principals & photography styles are employed.


Key Principals of Real Estate Photography

  • shooting in order to capture and present the selling features of a property positively
  • providing a vibrant & tightly cropped front-exterior photo to lead the MLS listing to capture buyers attention from competing listings
  • using wide angle lenses to reveal the scope of the living space
  • insuring interiors are light and bright for a positive impression
  • keeping vertical and horizontal lines straight
  • not allowing windows blown-out with bright light to detract from a photo, while allowing the window’s view to be seen

Real Estate Photography Shooting Style

  • enabling a buyer to get a feel for the flow of the home by photographing one room, and peering into the next
  • composing photos to place the viewer in the room rather than looking down on it
  • using creative composition to show hard-to-see features
  • using natural light to achieve bright and authentic looking images
  • rendering photos with vivid color to capture a property hunter’s eye
  • stitching multiple images together to create a panoramic image to put living spaces into context

Vibrant & Tightly-Cropped
Lead MLS Images

Viewing the Million $ View
(without Blown-out Windows)

Compose Images in-order to Present All the Key Selling Features

Wide-Angle Lenses Capture Features of Small Rooms

Composition that places the Buyer in the Room

Light & Bright Interiors
for a Positive Impression

Composing Images using Mirrors to Highlight all the Rooms' Features

Vivid Appealing Color
to Draw a Buyers' Eye

Stitching Images Together to Put a Wide-Room In-Context

Providing Context by Peering into the Adjoining Room

Home marketed with Professional Real Estate Photography are perceived to have a 12.9% higher value.*

*Impact of Visual Marketing, VHT Survey 2008.

Home marketed with Professional Real Estate Photography are likely to  Sell 3x Faster* in a standard listing period than homes without quality photography.

*Impact of Visual Marketing, VHT Survey 2008.

Home marketed with Professional Real Estate Photography are 7x as likely to be visited by potential buyers.*

*Impact of Visual Marketing, VHT Survey 2008.

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