Provide Buyers a Helpful Marketing Piece to Take-away

Most agents simply print Fliers from the MLS database that are usually jargon-laden with “Agent Speak.” The information on these fliers isn’t always relevant to the person driving down the street who notices the For Sale Sign & Flier Box, or to the person who is inspecting the home (and another 10 homes the same day!).

Instead, South Bend Realty Photo can provide Real Estate Agents with a Custom Flier that can help sell a home & help Agents stand-out from their competitors.

Custom Fliers with a Purpose

Custom Fliers will: Showcase the key Photographs; List the most important Selling Features of the home; Offer the critical information that Buyers want (price, number of bedrooms & bathrooms etc); and the flier has a focus on driving potential buyers to the Virtual Tour Website that features all the Photographs, Floorplans and information that is available, further engaging the buyer with another piece of Agent branded marketing materials.

Branded for the Agent

Fliers are designed for each Listing Agent and can show the Agent’s name, photo, phone numbers, email, website and slogan. The flier will reflect Brokers’ branding, using the same colors & fonts, plus feature the Broker’s logo.

Double-Sided Fliers with Floor Plans

Printing the Floor Plan on the backside of the Flier is a great way to engage potential buyers who see the home. Buyers can take notes on the Floorplan and they have basic room measurements to take away and consider after they have inspected all the homes they want to see.

Fliers are provided as a high-resolution .pdf file so you can print as necessary, and/or we can Professionally Print the fliers for you―please ask for a printing quote.

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